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What are the safety technical requirements of single girder crane in operation?

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1. Before working, the driver should carefully inspect the safety devices and main parts of the crane to ensure that they are flexible and reliable for use.

2. Operators must follow the command signal of the commander to operate, and emergency stop should be given to anyone who sends dangerous signals. If the command signal is unknown or wrong, the driver has the right not to drive and must ring the bell before driving.

3. Operator must use handle switch to operate, not use limit position limiter to stop; prohibit three mechanisms to move at the same time.

4. In exceptional cases, no braking can be carried out by reversing the vehicle and the controller can not be changed from a forward-to-reverse steep to a reverse-to-reverse one.

5. The weight lifted shall not exceed the rated load of the crane, and all skew-stayed and skewed cranes shall be strictly prohibited.

6. Before hoisting, the firmness of the sling should be carefully checked, the edges and corners of the quick opening should be lined, and the stability of the heavy objects should be ensured.

7. It is forbidden to inspect and repair the crane's personnel and everything during operation; it is forbidden to cross freely; it is forbidden to drop off the crane or hang the suspended objects in the air for a long time.

8. Operators should be proficient in all kinds of routine basic safety operation skills, such as "hook stabilization operation", "object turning over operation", "hook approaching personnel operation", "brake failure emergency operation" and so on.

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