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What are the structural characteristics of wire rope electric hoist

Time:2018-06-15  Click:385

The components of electric wire rope hoist are motor, transmission mechanism, drum and wire rope. According to the different positions of motor and drum, it can be roughly divided into four types.

(1) The electric hoist whose axis of motor is perpendicular to the axis of drum adopts worm gear transmission device, which has large width, heavy structure, low mechanical efficiency and difficult processing. No manufacturer has produced this type of product.

(2) Electric hoist whose axis of motor is parallel to the axis of drum has the advantage of small height and length. Its disadvantages are large width and size, grouping and complex manufacturing and assembly. Rail turning radius is large.

(3) The electric hoist installed in the drum has the advantages of small length and size and compact structure. Its main shortcomings are poor heat dissipation conditions, poor grouping, inconvenience in inspection, installation and maintenance of motors, and complex power supply devices.

(4) The electric hoist installed outside the drum has the advantages of good grouping, high generalization, easy to change the lifting height and easy to install and repair. Its disadvantage is: large length and size.

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