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Maintenance and maintenance steps of gantry crane

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I. Lubrication

The working performance and service life of crane mechanism largely depend on lubrication.

When lubricating, the maintenance and lubrication of mechanical and electrical products should refer to their own instructions. Grease should be injected once a week for travelling carts and cranes. When hoister fills with industrial gear oil (SY1172-80) 200, the oil level should be checked regularly and supplemented in time.

2. Wire rope

Attention should be paid to wire breakage of wire rope. If wire breakage, strand breakage or abrasion meet the scrap standard, the new rope should be replaced in time.

3. Lifting gear

The hangers must be inspected regularly.

4. Pulley block

Mainly check the wear condition of rope groove, whether the flange of the wheel is cracked and whether the pulley is stuck on the axle.

V. Wheels

Check the flange and tread regularly, and replace the new wheel when the wear or crack of the flange reaches 10% thickness.

When the diameter difference between the two driving wheels on the tread exceeds D/600, or serious scars appear on the tread, the car should be re-polished.

6. Brake

Every class should be checked once.

The brake should act accurately and the pin shaft should not be stuck. The brake shoe should be properly fitted to the brake wheel, and the clearance of the brake shoe should be equal when the brake is loosened.

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