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Contents and Implementation of Construction Preparations for Cantilever Cranes

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1. First of all, we should investigate the actual situation of the construction site in depth, draw up the resource plan of materials, machines and other installation, contact the storage, transportation, stacking and use of cantilever suspension materials and purchased parts, formulate the construction plan, rationally organize the construction personnel, and organize the workers to make technical and safety confessions, familiarize themselves with the technical and safety regulations. Coordination and integration of various types of work to strive for safe, continuous and balanced construction. While being familiar with the regulations, combining with the specific problems in construction and putting forward the key points of safety, the relevant provisions in the same project are combined to complement each other and form a complete concept so as to guide construction correctly and lay a solid foundation for the smooth work.

2. To ensure the construction quality and safety, project management method is adopted in cantilever crane construction. Firstly, the project department is established, which is composed of project manager, construction manager, technicians, safety personnel and construction personnel.

Safety management of construction site, focusing on the control of unsafe behavior and unsafe state of objects, is also the fundamental link to prevent and avoid accidents caused by cantilever suspension and ensure production in a safe state. People engaged in site construction are surrounded by dangerous factors at any time and anywhere, and are threatened and injured by their own behavior mistakes and dangerous state at any time. Therefore, the reliability of the workers, mechanical equipment and environmental system in the construction site must be checked, analyzed, judged and adjusted regularly. Strengthen management activities.

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